Hospital Equipments

We sell and distribute all kinds of hospital Equipments


We design and produce furnitures and export to neigbouring countries.

Export Cash Crops

We produce palm fruits based extracts through our mills in Imo, Akwa Ibom and Lusada Nigeria


Our beliefs define us, we are positioned to serve humanity

Wise Virgins Ventures is the business arm of the World International Sacred Peace Movement (Grouped Soul).

Our business spans across multiple indistries. We have built hospital complexes in multiple locations, we have factories producing various products in western and southern Nigeria. We have large farm-lands for producing agro based products and a chain of transportation businesses. We are also involved in the importation, sales and distribution of hospital equipments.

We are always on the lookout to expand our operations and are currently in Nigeria, South Africa, the US and Canada. Our charity arm WISPM have branches in most major cities in the world. To find the nearest contact, click our contact button below and select your location.

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Business Growth


We are spreading our reach and creating multiple tentacles that will help us stand better.

First Wise Virgin

First Wise Virgin is our offline and online shop where we sell products produced by WISPM and Wise Virgin Ventures. We have our showroom at Shop IM4G & IM10F Ichida Mall, 12bB Olojo Drive Alaba Int'l Market Road, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria. We are currently doing work on the eCommerce version of the Wise Virgin platform.

Kreitton Care Hospital

Kreitton care hospital (KCH) is part of the Global Peace Wise Virtue Hospital. We work with men and women to maintain the best health status to enable them to love. Our strong commitment in health service delivery covers areas such as clinical and surgical practice, specialist care from in-country and overseas experts, evidence based research and caring for the good health and wellbeing of the whole person.

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CEROCDAA which is the center for Common Disease Research in Africa and Asia is focused on medical based research for common diseases affecting a larger percentage of the population in third world countries, we have an overall vision to generate high quality and reliable data and evidence to ensure all people, everywhere, access the right health care services where needed to have health and well being.

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Carmel Wood Processing

Carmel Wood Processing limited is an indigenous wood processing company offering the most comfortable, universal and timelessly elegant furniture products that caters for contemporary and classic lifestyle. Her wood processing plant is located at Oke New, Sabongeri-Ora, 313109, Benin with show rooms in Port Harcourt and Lagos Nigeria.

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Peace Gate Fashion

Peace Gate Fashion is a fashion house with the specific goal to design and create befitting wears for all users and all seasons with a keen eye towards sustainability and service to humanity..

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Factories & Plants

We have a toilet roll factory and a palm oil plant in Lusada, Ogun State, We also have our mattress/foam plant in Aba, Abia State as well as other production factories in Imo and Anambra State.

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